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Oct. 13th, 2011

(no subject)

Catch up on 80s Life <3 Nothing new here!

Title: 80's Life

Rating: R (snogging, lots of dirty filthy language, sexy sex, adult situations)

Era: The 80's

Coupling: Damon/Graham

Aqua-Net, Bad hair cuts, Bad clothes...yep its 80's life.  Damon Albarn
and Graham Coxon are just two social outcasts lost in a world full of
teenage angst.  Will they make it out alive?

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Oct. 21st, 2009

erm...ewan mcgreggor on regis and kelly?

He looked fit as fuck, odd thing is that I wanted his outfit so bad. Anyways...after that startling revelation, lots of bad things kept on happening....not cause of Ewan.  HAHA maybe it was destiny that I absolutely HAD to skip my first class.


well I skipped it anyways. it's a waste of time, but my brain tells me, that is EXACTLY how I almost failed my other semester.


I think that's it really. I've just been updating alot of my other accounts other than twitter. XD tweet this

tweet that


uploaded some pretty useless things on deviant art, put up a more recent phopho on myspace, oh ...oh no...i think you've already stopped reading once you realized that I couldn't find a pic of Ewan McGreggor. oh my! I'm sorry!!!

Sep. 23rd, 2009

cat power

I feel ill

C'mon can someone open this window
or this door a crack
It's so stifling in here
The smell lingers of something,
or someone that I lack
Somewhere inside there's this eager ghost
Missing fruit of flesh
Is like of a parasite that lost it's host

Come and meet me in the cabinet
or in the sink
Anything that's far from the sun
I don't carry any burdens anymore
I think

Don't say those sorts of things
Hidden agendas take the form of gold and diamond rings
You're different
You're not a yellow bird that sings.

(it's shit, but I don't feel like going into specifics)

Aug. 16th, 2009

I coulda done better

These past few weeks have just been terrible. But I doubt these things just happen right? I got my grades back, I passed...but I tried so unbelievably hard. When I talked to my professor he could tell I was about to cry when he told me that the grade I received was in fact correct. I know its ridiculous, but imagine working so hard on something and it just doesn't turn out the way you wanted. It's like some one sided relationship that comes to an unsatisfactory end.

Money problems galore. Lack luster love life. Barely any self esteem left to speak of.

c'mon I got dumped for some ugly girl who gave bad blow jobs!

what the hell! Life just isn't fair to people like me.

Half the times I talk to people I try to act like its fine, every now and then I bitch and moan. But I feel so guilty when I do. I always see these kids doing it all the time and they annoy me. Somehow I find a way to annoy myself as well.

I don't want to do anything anymore. I don't want to talk to anyone. I don't want to go to college anymore. I just want to close my eyes and just go *poof*

I give up on me.

Aug. 10th, 2009

I've got a twitter

If you want updates on any new blur news, my ranting, or future blurslash follow me at


Jul. 29th, 2009

cat power


I haven't talked about anything of purpose recently.  I suppose i don't have much to talk about.  I'm just addicted to Cat Power again, oh...and boys suck.

Jul. 22nd, 2009

grrr rawr rawr *paws at you*/ Blurslash fic whoo hoo

yes YOU.

I finally got dreamweaver. Gotta fuck with it, to make my life complete. Mind you I haven't done this stuff since high school.

I suck.

I get it.

Ironically enough I was trying to install Photoshop, and all I got was everything else lol. Cool thing is that I was thinking of possibly making a Blur fansite XD

and more WALLPAPERS like I used to do.

before I had a life.

but I lost it...so it's all good lol


Anyways, ten things about my new Greyday (aka cuddlebunnies) fic

1)Drunk damon

2)Graham talks to much

3)Suzi is mentioned more times that I really wanted

4)Reminiscing about first kisses

5)Jumping off things (buildings...hills with jagged rocks...trash cans)

6)Lots of angstiness

7)Stuttering alot, stumbling alot, slurred words.

8)Graham's scared of the dark

9)Damon makes an educated guess

10)And he's right ;)

Jul. 9th, 2009

I don't want to screw up but........

I'm at it again *le sigh*

trying to get a certain bad dude's attention AGAIN

not putting 100% UMPH in school

not even writing any fics, I have all sorts of ideas...what a pity :(

tired of certain people, probably ruined it with my love interest

but odds are he was probably gonna screw up sooner or later

All I got is my favorite Blur cd, now that won't let me down :)

unless I scratch it up or melt it lol........

Jul. 2nd, 2009

Double WHAMMY!!!/ I should really be asleep right now...

I'm currently working on yet another damon/graham fic, yea yea I know I should either be

a) asleep right now
b) working on that drawing for art class (yes the one with the guy who looks TOO MUCH LIKE GRAHAM TIED UP)
c) writing my NoodleXMurdoc fic that I haven't updated for like thirty million bazillion years

Well, this time I guess it's gonna take place while they're touring for their Blur album, so like 1997? I don't even know lol, when did he break up with Justine again? I think I'll get away with it by being SUPER VAGUE about it haha! That's the key!

ALSO I'm super excited, cause my buddy is hard at work at her Jamie/Damon...lets make Graham look like a total jealous bitch, fic. I can't write Jamie/Damon fics, but I love reading em.

I usually feel real drrrrrrrrrrrty afterwards though haha

She typed out some of the (jealous Graham/ unsuspecting Damon scene in the McDonalds bathroom)...it was simply wonderful, and she didn't even get to the best part. I assume that takes place after his trousers fall to the floor. hah!

So I think Blurslash is getting more interesting now and days, how magical right?!

Jun. 29th, 2009

Damon looks absolutely beautiful...

but on another topic

I'm doing good in school


I've been writing and drawing and stuff.  But I think I kind of lost my groove yesterday.  Maybe I'll get it back right?!  


I finally realized why I hate all my friends again.  Haha please don't call me antisocial or anything, but I can't stand them.  I never really noticed but I hang out with a bunch of asshole indie kids XO I don't know why I didn't realize this earlier.  Like they never say thank you and they just seem to playing out some role that they really aren't.  Talking behind each others backs and scrutinizing everything.  God forbid you listen to better music than they do.  Just following trends, acting like they're poor when in reality they could fall back on their parents whenever they wish.  Buying guitars and never really learning how to play them.

It's just sad.

I used to feel jealous of them. I know I'm not a materialistic person, given the childhood I've had.  We've been everything but rich.  When I was smaller I would have given anything to have a piano in my house.  My school had one, but the music teacher never let me play it.  I see these kids have so many opportunities but they never take them.  It's like there's a one in a billion chance that someone actually pays attention to everything around them.  But the fact that they have these things, these gifts, and they don't even bother to notice them, is what makes me feel more sorry than jealous.  

They're nothing but empty husks.  And I think I'm glad for once, that I'm not like the rest.

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